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Open a Yacht Tour Business with Auto Title Loan Surrey BC

Imagine the gentle sway of the ocean, the crisp sea breeze on your face, and the breathtaking views of the coastline. Now, envision turning this dream into a thriving business – a yacht tour business in Surrey, British Columbia. The idea of starting a yacht tour business may seem daunting, but with the right resources and a well-thought-out plan, it can become a reality. In this article, we will explore how you can open a yacht tour business in Surrey, BC with the help of an auto title loan.

The Allure of Yacht Tours

Surrey, BC, is nestled along the stunning coastline of the Pacific Ocean, making it an ideal location for a yacht tour business. Yacht tours are becoming increasingly popular as people seek unique and luxurious experiences. They offer a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and immerse oneself in the tranquility of the sea. Launching a yacht tour business in Surrey can tap into this growing demand for memorable experiences.

Funding Your Yacht Tour Business

One of the primary challenges in starting a yacht tour business is securing the necessary funds. Yachts are not inexpensive, and operating costs can add up quickly. However, you don’t need to drain your savings or seek traditional bank loans, especially if you own a vehicle. An auto title loan Surrey BC can be a practical and convenient solution to fund your yacht tour venture.

Auto Title Loan – Explained

An auto title loan, also known as a car title loan or a car collateral loan, is a type of secured loan where you use your vehicle’s title as collateral. In Surrey, BC, and many other parts of Canada, you can obtain an auto title loan by providing your vehicle’s title, proof of income, and proof of identification to a lending institution.

What are the Costs of Opening a Yacht Tour Business?

Opening a yacht tour business can be an exciting venture, but it’s important to understand the costs involved to plan your budget effectively. The expenses can vary widely depending on factors like location, the size of your operation, the type of yachts you plan to use, and the services you intend to offer. Here are some of the common costs associated with starting a yacht tour business:

Yacht Purchase or Lease: This is often the most significant expense. The cost of purchasing or leasing yachts can vary greatly depending on the size, age, and condition of the vessels. 

Licensing and Permits: You will need various licenses and permits to operate a yacht tour business legally. These may include business licenses, maritime permits, and passenger-carrying licenses.

Dockage and Mooring Fees: You’ll need a place to dock and store your yachts when they’re not in use. Fees for a marina or dock space can be significant, especially in popular tourist areas.

Maintenance and Repairs: Yachts require regular maintenance, repairs, and inspections to ensure they are safe and in good working condition. Allocate funds for regular upkeep and unforeseen repair expenses.

Marketing and Advertising: To attract customers, you’ll need to invest in marketing and advertising, which can include website development, social media promotion, and print materials.

Safety Equipment: Safety is a top priority in the maritime industry. You’ll need to invest in safety equipment such as life jackets, life rafts, fire extinguishers, and navigation systems.

Fuel and Operating Costs: Fuel is a significant ongoing expense, along with other operational costs like maintenance, cleaning, and utilities.

Booking and Reservation System: You may need to invest in a reservation system to manage bookings efficiently.

It’s essential to create a detailed business plan to estimate your specific costs accurately and assess the potential revenue streams. Additionally, seek advice from industry experts and consider talking to other yacht tour operators to gain insights into the costs involved. 

The Most Dependable Source of an Auto Title Loan

For the past decade, Same Day Cash Loan has been a lifeline for countless Canadians, offering a wide range of financial services under one roof to support the underbanked. Among our offerings, our auto title loan service stands out as the premier choice. Don’t hesitate—grab your car keys and let us transform your life from hardship to prosperity.

We firmly believe that Canadians facing credit challenges deserve more options than traditional financial institutions can provide. Our unwavering commitment is to prioritize our customers, taking our responsibility to assist you seriously. Your problems become our own, which is why we proudly stand as the nation’s premier financial service provider for you.

We acknowledge that emergencies can strike anyone, catching them off guard financially. It’s not easy to place your trust in just any lender, but your support over the past decade has enabled us to be your reliable ally. Our car title loans are precisely what you need during times of unexpected financial necessity.

Advantages of Choosing Our Auto Title Loans

The primary benefit of selecting our online auto title loan is the extended loan duration, ranging from 1 to 4 years, providing borrowers with the collateral they need to secure the loan. In contrast, other loans like payday loans offer only short-term solutions before requiring full repayment of principal and interest.

Furthermore, our car title loans extend a helping hand to individuals with less-than-perfect credit scores. By using your vehicle as collateral, we minimize eligibility requirements and eliminate the need for a credit check. This makes our loans an ideal choice when you require a substantial sum, as opposed to the limited amounts typically offered by payday lenders, particularly for borrowers who may not qualify for other forms of credit.

One significant advantage of our car title loans is that you retain ownership of your vehicle. Unlike other lenders, we don’t take it away, leaving you in a difficult situation. With us, you can continue to drive your car while making manageable loan payments.

Experience financial flexibility now with Same Day Cash Loan! Get a fast and hassle-free auto title loan using your vehicle as security. Secure your funds today for a brighter tomorrow by visiting our website or by giving us a ring at 1-855-904-9880!

Open a Funeral Parlor with Auto Equity Loan Calgary Alberta

The funeral industry plays an essential role in helping families navigate the difficult process of saying their final goodbyes to loved ones. In Calgary, Alberta, the demand for funeral services remains steady, making it a potentially viable business venture. However, starting a funeral parlor can be a costly endeavor, which may lead aspiring entrepreneurs to explore various financing options. One such option is using an auto equity loan to secure the necessary capital. 

In this article, we will discuss how to open a funeral parlor with an auto equity loan Calgary Alberta, while highlighting the key considerations and steps involved.

Why Get an Auto Equity Loan for Your Business?

An auto equity loan, also known as a car title loan is a type of secured loan where you use your vehicle’s title as collateral. This allows you to borrow money based on the equity you have in your car. In Calgary, Alberta, auto equity loans can provide entrepreneurs with the capital needed to start or expand a business, including a funeral parlor.

What are the Costs of Opening a Funeral Parlor?

Opening a funeral parlor, also known as a funeral home or mortuary, can be a complex and costly endeavor. The costs involved can vary widely depending on various factors, including the location, size, and the range of services you plan to offer. Here are some of the common costs associated with opening a funeral parlor:

Facility Costs:

  • Purchasing or leasing a suitable building or space for the funeral home.
  • Renovations and interior decor to create a welcoming and appropriate environment.

Licensing and Legal Costs:

  • Securing the essential licenses and authorizations required for the operation of a funeral home.
  • Compliance with local, state, and federal regulations and standards.

Equipment and Supplies:

  • Caskets, urns, and other burial containers.
  • Embalming equipment and supplies.
  • Vehicles for transporting the deceased (e.g., hearses and limousines).
  • Office equipment, furniture, and technology.

Operating Expenses:

  • Marketing and advertising to promote your services.
  • Accounting and bookkeeping services.
  • Security systems and other safety measures.

Funeral Service Expenses:

  • Costs associated with conducting funeral services, such as clergy or celebrant fees, music, and printed materials.

Vehicles and Maintenance:

  • Costs for maintaining and fueling the vehicles.

Administrative Costs:

  • Costs for software, record-keeping systems, and general office supplies.

It’s crucial to create a detailed business plan that outlines all potential costs and revenue sources for your funeral parlor. Additionally, consult with local business advisors, attorneys, and industry experts to ensure that you are complying with all relevant regulations and that your business is financially sustainable.

Keep in mind that the actual costs can vary widely depending on your location, the level of competition, and the specific services you intend to offer. It’s important to conduct thorough market research and financial planning before opening a funeral parlor.

Why Choose Same Day Cash Loan for an Auto Equity Loan Calgary Alberta?

For the past decade, Same Day Cash Loan has been a trusted partner for countless Canadians, offering a wide array of financial services to the under-banked, all under one roof. Our auto equity loan service stands out as the finest option available. Don’t hesitate, grab your car keys, and allow us to transform your life from one of hardship to one of prosperity.

We firmly believe that Canadians with credit challenges deserve more alternatives than just traditional financial institutions. Our commitment to our customers is unwavering, and we take our role in assisting you very seriously. Your problems become our own, which is why we are your premier choice for financial services nationwide.

We understand that emergencies can strike anyone, and not everyone is prepared for unexpected financial needs. Placing trust in just any lender can be daunting, but your loyal support over the past decade has empowered us to serve you. In times of need, our car title loans are precisely what you require.

Advantages of Obtaining an Auto Equity Loan Through Us

The primary benefit of securing an online auto equity loan through us is the flexibility of our loan programs, with repayment periods ranging from 1 to 4 years, all backed by the collateral of your vehicle. In contrast, other loans, like payday loans, typically offer only short-term solutions with prompt repayment of both principal and interest.

Our car title loans are also a lifeline for individuals with less-than-perfect credit histories. Your vehicle serves as security, reducing eligibility requirements and eliminating the need for a credit check. These loans are the ideal choice if you require a substantial amount, which many payday lenders might be unwilling to provide for an extended duration, particularly to borrowers facing credit challenges.

With our car title loans, your vehicle remains in your possession. We won’t take it away, leaving you in distress. You can continue driving your car while repaying the loan with us, ensuring a more manageable financial solution.

Effortless Loan Application

Obtaining car title loans has never been simpler. All it takes is a visit to our office with the necessary documents and your vehicle, and you can leave with the cash you require. The paperwork is minimal, and approval typically takes less than an hour. 

You retain possession of your vehicle, ensuring no disruption to your daily life. Once the car collateral loan is repaid, we promptly return your title. Our courteous customer service representatives are ready to assist you with every aspect of the loan.

  • Unlock up to $40,000 using your car as collateral!
  • Enjoy interest rates up to 75% lower than our competitors.
  • Benefit from a 5-year repayment period.
  • Keep your monthly payments at their lowest.
  • No employment prerequisites.
  • No credit history checks.

4 Simple Steps for Swift Funds

  • Apply Online or Contact Us
  • Complete Easy Documentation
  • Receive a Quote
  • Gain Approval
  • Drive away with the Cash You Need!


Get the cash you need for your funeral parlor with a car equity loan from Same Day Cash Loan. Put your vehicle to work for you and solve your financial challenges. Act now by visiting our website or by calling us at 1-855-904-9880 and secure your financial future!

Open a Meat Shop with Auto Equity Loan Parksville BC

Starting a meat shop can be a lucrative and rewarding business venture. However, like any entrepreneurial endeavor, it requires a significant amount of capital to get off the ground. If you’re in Parksville, British Columbia, and dream of running your own meat shop, you might be wondering how to secure the necessary funds. One option to consider is using an auto equity loan

In this article, we will explore how you can open a meat shop with an auto equity loan Parksville BC.

What You Need to Know about an Auto Equity Loan

An auto equity loan, sometimes referred to as a title loan, is a type of secured loan where you use your vehicle as collateral. In Parksville, BC, there are reputable lenders who can provide you with this type of loan. The amount you can borrow typically depends on the value of your vehicle. If you own a car, truck, or motorcycle and have a clear title, you can use its equity to access cash.

What are the Costs Involved in Opening a Meat Shop?

Opening a meat shop can be a profitable venture, but it comes with various costs that you should consider when planning your business. The specific costs can vary depending on factors such as location, size, and the scale of your operation. Here are some of the key costs you might encounter:

Rent of Space: The cost of renting or purchasing a suitable retail space is often one of the most significant expenses. The location should have good visibility and accessibility to attract customers. 

Renovation and Equipment: You’ll need to set up the interior of your shop, including refrigeration units, display cases, cutting tables, and other equipment. Renovating the space to meet health and safety regulations and installing proper ventilation and drainage systems can be costly.

Licensing and Permits: You’ll need various licenses and permits to operate a meat shop legally. These might include health permits, food handling permits, and business licenses. 

Inventory: Purchasing your initial inventory of meat products will be a significant upfront cost. You’ll need to establish relationships with suppliers or wholesalers to ensure a steady supply of fresh meat.

Marketing and Advertising: To attract customers, you’ll need to invest in marketing and advertising. This could include creating a website, running social media campaigns, and local advertising.

Insurance: Business insurance, including liability and property insurance, is essential to protect your business in case of accidents or other unforeseen events.

Operating Expenses: This includes day-to-day expenses such as packaging materials, cleaning supplies, maintenance, and possibly a point-of-sale system.

Security: Installing security measures like surveillance cameras and alarms may be necessary to protect your business and its inventory.

Accounting and Bookkeeping: You’ll need to keep track of your finances, which may require hiring an accountant or investing in accounting software.

Contingency Fund: It’s wise to set aside some money for unexpected expenses or a slow start to the business.

Taxes: You’ll need to budget for income taxes, sales taxes, and other relevant taxes.

Training and Compliance: If you or your staff are not already trained in meat handling and safety regulations, you may need to invest in training programs to ensure compliance.

Waste Disposal: Proper disposal of meat waste and other byproducts is essential for hygiene and environmental reasons. You may need to arrange for a waste disposal service.

It’s crucial to conduct thorough market research and create a detailed business plan to estimate these costs accurately. Additionally, consider seeking advice from local business associations or consulting with a financial advisor to ensure you have a realistic understanding of the expenses involved in opening a meat shop.

Where Can You Find an Auto Equity Loan?

For the past decade, Same Day Cash has been a trusted partner for countless Canadians, offering a wide array of financial services under one roof to assist those who are underserved in the financial system. Among our services, our auto equity loan stands out as the premier choice. Don’t hesitate – grab your car keys, and let us transform your life from one of hardship to one of prosperity.

We firmly believe that Canadians facing credit challenges deserve more options than just traditional financial institutions. Our commitment to our customers is unwavering, and we take our role in aiding you very seriously. We view your challenges as our own, which is why we proudly claim the title of the best financial service provider nationwide.

We recognize that emergencies can strike anyone, catching us off guard financially. It’s not easy to place your trust in just any lender, but your loyal support over the past decade has empowered us to serve you with confidence. In these trying times, our auto equity loan is precisely what you need.

Advantages of Choosing Same Day Cash for an Auto Title Loan

The primary advantage of obtaining a car collateral loan through us is that our loan program offers repayment terms ranging from 1 to 4 years, using your vehicle as collateral. This starkly contrasts with payday loans, which typically demand rapid repayment of both principal and interest.

Moreover, our car title loans are accessible to individuals with less-than-perfect credit. Your vehicle serves as security for the loan, reducing eligibility requirements and eliminating the need for a credit check. This option is particularly well-suited for those seeking a substantial loan amount, unlike traditional payday lenders who may be reluctant to provide long-term loans, especially to borrowers with limited credit options.

With our car title loans, you retain possession of your vehicle. Unlike other lenders who may seize your car, leaving you in distress, we allow you to continue driving your vehicle while making convenient loan payments to us.

Ready to turn your car’s equity into cash? Same Day Cash Loan offers quick and hassle-free auto equity loans. Acquire the funds required precisely when you require them. Don’t miss out, visit our website now and call us at our toll-free number – 1-855-904-9880 to get started.

Use Car Title Loans Nanaimo To Pay For Your Babysitter

The fact of the matter is that many parents are struggling to find affordable ways to pay for their children’s care, whether it’s with a babysitter or a daycare. However, with Car Title Loans Nanaimo, you can get a loan using your fully owned vehicle as collateral in just an hour. We at Same Day Cash Loan let you borrow up to $40,000 without credit checks. It means you can instantly get the cash you need for your children’s care.

There are many reasons why parents choose to use car title loans to pay for their babysitter. One of the main reasons is that it is a quick, easy and convenient way to get cash without the hassle of lengthy paperwork or a long waiting period. You can apply online within 5 minutes and once you have submitted your application, we’ll contact you immediately. 

Why should every parent consider hiring a babysitter?

1. They can provide companionship for your kid

The safety of your children is the topmost priority in your life, so you don’t like leaving them with just anyone. Having a trustworthy babysitter reminds you that you can trust your child’s well-being to someone else. After all, a babysitter’s role is to look after their health and well-being and act as a playmate and companion. Using Use Car Title Loans Nanaimo to pay for your babysitter is the quickest way to find a reliable and trustworthy sitter because we let you borrow fast cash using your lien/loan-free vehicle. 

2. A babysitter can provide 24/7 service

Most parents need a babysitter that they can trust to care for their kids, even at late hours. They realize that their children are too young to be left alone and need someone to provide care 24/7 and when they have enough funds, you can look for them and hire them quickly. Our loan term is up to 5 years with no credit checks or prepayment penalties. So, you can use the same-day cash loan to hire a full-time/part-time babysitter.

3. You are free to focus on your job

Some parents may not feel comfortable leaving their kids with anyone they don’t know well. That is why they look for qualified sitters as nannies and caregivers who can take good care of their kids and give them the necessary attention at home or in daycare centers. Our immediate cash Car title loans in Calgary can let you hire reliable babysitters to take care of your children and let you focus on your professional life instead of missing important meetings and commitments.

4. Affordable hourly rates

A babysitter’s hourly rate varies depending on her qualifications, style of service, and experience. However, it is generally high compared to what most parents can afford. But our car title loan is a convenient and affordable way to find a reliable sitter when you can access cash in an hour. To qualify, all you need is a lien/loan-free vehicle, a driver’s license, auto insurance and a spare key. Our monthly repayments are as low as $100 with low-interest rates and no hidden charges. 

5. Find a sitter with the right experience

Finding a babysitter with desired qualifications may be difficult. But you can use the flexibility of our loan terms to find someone quickly with enough cash. We offer loans for up to 5 years through which you can hire any qualified babysitter without worrying about finding such a person again anytime soon. Our car title loans in Edmonton let you borrow up to $45,000 at a low-interest rate with no prepayment penalties. 

6. Make sure you hire a sitter that fits your requirements

Your child’s safety and security are the biggest things for you, and the babysitter must share this same value. Hiring an inexperienced sitter may put your child at risk. Ensure she has all the necessary training to care for your kid and can handle any situation professionally. Using Car Title Loans Nanaimo to hire a babysitter ensures you have someone around your baby who meets all your requirements.

7. Save yourself from the hassle of finding a babysitter in your locality

Finding a babysitter in your neighborhood may not be very difficult, but it is still time-consuming. Hiring a sitter through an online portal will help you find someone around your area within minutes. Our fast cash Car title loans in Vernon are a reliable and flexible way to get $40,000 to find a babysitter that is never too difficult. 

8. Keep the peace in your house

Hiring a babysitter is the most efficient way to keep your house peaceful and to have the peace of mind that someone else is taking care of your kid. The peace of mind you gain from not having to worry about finding a sitter around your area or going through complicated paperwork will help you relax and enjoy the moments when your child can be alone with her sitter without fear. With our Car title loans Vernon you can be sure that we don’t keep a hold on your vehicle, so you are free to keep driving your vehicle during the loan term.

9. Eliminate the shortage of time

Time is important, and you will never have enough of it. But you don’t have enough to spare when searching for a babysitter. Car title loans in Nanaimo allow you to be always ready with cash when needed, which can help you keep your child safe without any hassle. With no credit checks, we let parents apply for our cash loan in 5 minutes after they submit their personal details and vehicle information they want to be transferred as security. 

10. Get your kids outside of the home

If you want to make sure your children explore the outside world and develop social skills, you need to hire someone capable of sending them to daycare while you attend an important meeting or a family dinner at your friend’s place. At such times, hiring a babysitter can be extremely useful. Using Car Title Loans Nanaimo solves all your problems by helping you find someone in a short period with the help of cash in an hour. 


Same Day Cash Loan is here to help you with quick money loans. Our Car title loans in Nanaimo are designed to solve all your financial problems by providing fast cash loans at a minimal interest rate that won’t be heavy on your pocket. We assure you of an easy online application process and fast money loan approval in just minutes using an ID, proof of residence and contact details. To know more about our lending process, call us at tel:1-855-904-9880 today.

How To Get Easy Finance In A Day’s Time Without A Credit Check?

Handling debt is not everybody’s cup of tea. People try their best to not get into the murky waters of debt issues. It’s difficult to keep up with the changing lifestyles and increasing cost of living. Despite managing their budget and savings every month, many people end up missing out on their payments on credit card or utility bills. 

Sometimes, medical emergencies strike and add more financial burden. Lack of money takes away the sense of security and comfort. In order to get out of the debt cycle one can go for easy finance options and opt for a no credit score check loan which is also known as car title loan. Same Day Cash Loan helps its clients by providing easy loans against their vehicle. 

Top Questions Related To An Auto Title Loan

How do I apply for a car title loan?

Visit our website and fill out our online application form with basic details about you and your vehicle. Once the form is submitted, one of our loan agents will start processing your application and pre-qualify you for the next round which is the inspection of the vehicle. 

How much money can I borrow?

The amount you can qualify for depends on the overall working condition of the vehicle and its equity value. Other factors like car year, manufacturing date and model also determine the amount. You can easily borrow up to $40,000 from us. 

How long will it take for the loan amount disbursal?

You can receive your funds as soon as your loan application gets approved. It takes less than 24 hours for us to process the loan and disburse the funds, provided all the documents are in place and the application form is duly filed. 

How will I get my money?

You can get your funds deposited directly into your bank account, or you can choose and e-transfer. We also have a cash-only option for those who want cash up-front. 

Do I have to surrender my car as collateral?

No, we don’t need your vehicle to be surrendered to us for security. You are free to bring it with you after the inspection process.

Will my low debt score affect the loan process?

No. We accept all credit types. There’s no need to worry if you have a bad debt score or no score at all. We will definitely help you get easy finance through our title loan regardless of your credit score.  

What are the documents needed to apply for the loan? 

We pride ourselves in making the loan process easy for our clients. We process your loan requests with minimal documentation. All you need are the following: 

  1. Proof of legal age in your location 
  2. Lien-free vehicle title 
  3. Vehicle registration under your name
  4. Valid Canadian driver’s license
  5. Proof of permanent residence
  6. Insurance papers of your vehicle (inclusive of collision and comprehensive)
  7. A spare set of car keys (it should work on all doors and ignition)

For more information on our vehicle pawn loan, call us at our toll-free number 1-855-904-9880 or apply online. 

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Dance Your Troubles Away With a Bad Credit Auto Loan


Hear us out! We know that there are  many ways for you  to obtain a loan when you’re in need of urgent money. You can turn to  family and friends,   banks and credit unions too. But do you really want to risk experiencing embarrassment   by asking  money from your loved  ones; or experience  long wait times from the  bank to get loan approval?  A bank loan during an  emergency may not be a good option due to the longer wait times. Having a poor credit or no employment also slims your chances for loan approval. With the changing times, people are shifting to faster  hassle-free and reliable ways  of obtaining cash for their urgent needs . Regardless of the need, auto title lending has proven to be a hit amongst   Canadians. We are here to explain   the concept of getting a bad credit auto loan which is sure to sweep you off your feet. No more relying on relatives or banks. Be your own bank and use your fully paid for vehicle to get the cash you need. If you have a vehicle , you can use its equity to get some money for  overdue utility bills, medical bills etc. You can even plan a surprise vacation for your family. Same Day Cash Loan is here to lend you up to $40,000 against the equity of your car. 

Why Us

  • No Debt Check

The first thing that a bank will consider when applying for a loan is your  credit score. A mandatory  Debt Check will be done  to verify a borrower’s creditworthiness. This check shows how good a customer is in handling his financial responsibilities and if they pay their payments/bills on time. We, on the other hand,  do not perform any credit  checks. We trust our clients and fully understand that it is hard to have a perfect credit score these days. Life happens and money being a crucial part of it, has a lot to do with how we certainly rely on it daily. .With us we don’t use your  credit score or credit history to lend you money. Based on a good credit score, the lender easily approves the loan. But some people either don’t have any credit built up or have a poor credit.. In that case you  can apply for a bad credit auto loan with us. We don’t consider credit history as an essential requirement. 

  • Keep your vehicle

No need to surrender your vehicle as collateral. We only hang on to your title papers. . Once your loan is inspected and your loan papers have been signed, you can be on your way and leave freely with your vehicle! T 

  • No proof of income needed

For you to apply for a car title loan there’s no need to submit any proof of income or verify employment to justify your loan request. Your title papers are sufficient, of course meeting the other basic criteria to approve your loan request. Our monthly payments are  as low as $99 which can be managed easily with proper planning and budgeting by the borrower.  

  • Up to 5 year loan terms 

A borrower can loan money for up to 5 years. This  makes it convenient  to make pocket friendly installments.  We want to ensure our clients are happy and that’s what  matters!  

  • No early payout penalties

In the event the borrower wishes to pay off the loan in full before the end of the loan term, he can do so without worrying about any penalty fees or charges.t. Other lending sources charge extra fees if you pay earlier than expected expiry of the loan term. 

To Qualify 

To qualify for a bad credit auto loan, you must submit the following documents: 

  • Proof of legal age  as per your province
  • A clear title to your vehicle
  • A fully paid for vehicle (no older than 10 years)
  • Vehicle must be fully insured in your name (collision and comprehensive)
  • Vehicle should be registered in your name
  • Proof of permanent residence
  • A second set of keys to your vehicle
  • A valid Canadian driver’s license


Visit our website for more information about a vehicle title loan or talk to one of our loan agents. You can apply online or contact us (toll free) 1-855-904-9880.


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Auto Title Loans Can Help You Get Your Credit Back!

Bad credit history has the capacity to affect a person’s financial situation. Because of this, you can find yourself in a stressful situation. It dramatically decreases your chances of getting approval for any kind of loan. Defaulting on a loan, a new credit card application or entering into a new debt agreement can leave a deep effect on your finances and your credit score.

We don’t know when life will take a sudden turn and present us with unexpected challenges. During this time it becomes difficult to handle financial responsibilities like paying bills, school tuition, medical expenses etc.
During these stressful situations, Auto title loans from Same Day Cash Loans offer access to fast cash to people in need.

What are auto title loans? How do they work? And how can they help? Here we’ll discuss them in detail:

What are auto title loans and Why should you get them?

.Auto title loans are the best solution when you need cash for your short term financial requirements. Same-day funding and no Debt Check are some of the perks associated with our collateral loans. We don’t have any employment checks either. Get up to 75% lower interest rates than what our competitors offer. There is no long waiting period between your approved application and getting your funds. Get your cash on the very same day of applying.

What if I Have Bad Credit?

If you have bad credit then these auto title loans are probably the easiest way to obtain a loan. This type of loan is secured by your vehicle which acts as collateral; you don’t need good credit to qualify. We don’t perform any Debt Check before providing or approving you for a loan. All you need is a lien-free vehicle that is no older than 10 years. So if you need cash quickly, have bad credit, and own a car, an auto title loan with us can be a helpful option.

To qualify for an auto title loan, you must meet the following requirements:

● You must own a vehicle (car, truck, van, s.u.v. or motorcycle) that is no older than 10 years.
● Possess a valid Canadian driver’s license
● You must be of legal age in your respected province
● Your vehicle must be registered and insured in your name
● Proof of permanent residence.
● Have a second set of spare keys for your vehicle.

Our Loan Process is Easy :

1-Apply Online or Call Us

-You are just one call away!. Our team at Same Day Cash Loan will reach out shortly after receiving your application.

2-Fill Out Easy Paperwork

-Complete the simplified paperwork and submit some basic documents required for the verification process.

3-Get A Quote and Get Approved:

Our helpful staff is here to get you the money you need quickly. After submitting your vehicle title as collateral and a few documents, we’ll help get the cash you need.

4-Drive Off With Cash-

Review and sign your documents, then get your cash. Grab your cash and simply drive away!

If you want to get fast loan approval, apply for an auto title loan at Same Day Cash Loans. With us, you can borrow as much as $40,000! To apply now, call us (toll-free) 1-855-904-9880 or visit our website to fill out our online application form from the comfort of your home!

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