About us

Same Day Cash has helped many Canadians for the past 10 years by providing a huge range of financial services for the under-banked under a single roof. Our service of car title loans is the best you can get. Grab your car keys and let them help you in changing your life from miserable to a good one.

We believe credit-disrupted Canadians should have more choices than just conventional institutions. Our customers are our first priority and we take our responsibility of helping you seriously. We treat your problems as our own. This is the reason why we are the best financial service providers for you across the country.

We understand that an emergency can happen with anyone and not everyone is prepared to deal with an unannounced financial need. It is not easy to trust just any lender for the money but your support for the past 10 years has made it possible for us to serve you. Our car title loans are what you exactly need in this time of need.

Benefits Of Getting Online Car Title Loans With Us

The main advantage of getting an online car title loan with us is that our loan program will be available to you (borrowers) for up to 1 to 5 years, in the form of collateral for the loan. While other loans such as payday loans only allow short-term before you return your payment to principal and interest.

Our car title loan can also benefit people with low credit quality. This is because your vehicle is used as a security to protect the loan due to the need for less eligibility and no Debt check is required. These are ideal choices for you if there is a need to get a large amount as compared to a normal amount, which a payday lender may not be willing to lend for a long term especially for the borrowers who are not eligible for other types of credit.

With our car title loans you get to keep your car. Unlike other lenders we don’t take it away to leave you in misery. Keep driving your car while making the loan payments with us.

  • We offer the industry’s longest loan terms, up to 5 years.
  • The most straightforward and adaptable options to pay.
  • We have the lowest interest rates, starting from 9.95% to 29%.
  • We have the lowest monthly payments and can be adjusted to fit your needs.
  • Our friendly team is ready to assist you at every step, providing personalized guidance and support throughout your loan journey.
  • Call us now to see if you qualify for up to $40,000 utilizing the title of your car!
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