Same Day Cash Collateral Loans – The Way To Go!



People usually take out a loan to support and grow their business, purchase a new home or  for personal needs. The loans are generally provided by traditional banks or credit unions. This usually applies in favor of those  who have perfect credit scores or credit history to show to banks. Without good credit, most banks would not take time to entertain a loan application. A loan is a risk that a bank or a creditor takes when lending  money. The credit score helps a lender determine the credibility of how likely a borrower can repay a loan. Secured loans would still be on the table for someone with poor credit but with extremely high interest rates. This will add more  financial burden causing the borrower the inability to make timely payments, further negatively impacting their credit score. 

Having mentioned the above, people with  unsatisfactory credit scores are frustrated as most  banks just don’t want to take the risk. Surprisingly, there are many  people with bad credit or poor credit history in Canada, ithan ones with perfect ideal scores. Does that mean they have no financial  options available? No, that’s not the case! Same Day Cash Collateral Loans are easy and convenient  secured loans. These loans are secured using  the title of your vehicle. In order to loan you would need to own a fully paid  vehicle in your name. This vehicle would serve as collateral for the loan and  the loan amount will be based on the equity value of your car.    

Secured loans

Your search for a lender providing loans without Debt Check ends today!  At Same Day Cash Loans, we offer the best car title loans around. These loans work just like a personal loan but we do not perform a Debt Check

to consider your  eligibility. Since we use the title of your car as collateral, your credit score is not a factor in the loan process.. 

A Win-Win Situation

Our car title loans create a win-win situation for both of us. You get the money to bail yourself out of a tough financial situation and we get the title documents as collateral. Unsecured loans provided  by banks or credit unions are processed with utmost care. Debt Check, background checks and any other formalities are performed before approving the loan which usually takes time. This isn’t the case with our same day cash collateral loans. Our loan requires less than 24 hours to process. All we need is proof of permanent residence, your Canadian driver’s licence, car registration and insurance documents in your name , along with clear title documents. The number one  advantage of our car title loans is that we don’t keep or store your vehicle for the duration of the loan. You get to keep driving your vehicle as you make your monthly payments. There is also no penalty or fee in case you want to pay off your loan early as our auto title loan is an open loan. 

The Requirements

 You must have the following documents. 

  • Fully paid off vehicle (for inspection only)
  • Vehicle title (lien-free)
  • Proof of permanent residence (any bill in your name generated by computer)
  • Government Issued ID
  • Proof of vehicle registration and insurance 
  • Driver’s licence (Canadian)
  • Proof of legal age for your province 
  • Car keys (spare set only)

So, no more worrying about what life throws at you.  Call us toll free 1-855-904-9880 or apply online to get the best interest rates and payment options to meet your short-term money needs.


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