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Need A Loan? Use Your Car As Collateral Now!
April 10, 2019
Auto Title Loans Can Help You Get Your Credit Back!
July 12, 2019

Monthly expenses such as utility bills, rental payments, school fees, car
maintenance, etc need to be maintained regularly. If a financial problem
arises, you will need a perfect solution that will solve your financial
problems quickly. Getting a loan from banks or other financial organizations
can be difficult since it usually is determined by your credit score. Your
credit score is a major factor that decides whether you will be approved for
a loan with a traditional bank or money lender. In such cases, Same Day
Cash Loans can help you get a fast cash title loan easily by using your lien
free car as collateral. These loans are also known as car collateral loans,
pink slip loans or car equity loans.

We understand that life does not always go as planned and emergency
situations can come up at any time. This is why we offer collateral loans
with competitive interest rates, so that means you get quick cash without
getting burdened with extra costs.

Your Lien Free Car Is Used As Collateral

With our fast cash title loans, you need a clear car title in your name with
no liens or financial obligations. These loans are secured loans since the
title of your vehicle is used as collateral to borrow cash. If you currently own
the title to your car, you are eligible to access the cash you need through a
title loan. Your loan amount depends upon the age, make, model,

kilometres, market value and condition of your car. You can easily borrow
up to $40,000 with us in no time.

Quick Application
Our quick application process allows for instant loan approval. You can also
get your money on the same day.
Keep Driving Your Vehicle
One of the major benefits of a title loan is that you get to continue driving
your car while you’re repaying your loan. Once your loan has been repaid,
your car’s title is returned to you.
Speedy Cash
When you need cash, you do not have much time to delay. Get your cash
as early as the same day.
Bad Credit? No Problem!
Unlike other types of loans, a fast cash title loan does not require a credit
check so your credit history does not impact your ability to get approved
with us. All you need to qualify is a clear car title, proper identification and a
valid Canadian driver’s license. Your car title is used as collateral for your
loan and not your credit history. So whether your credit score is high or low,
you can still access quick cash today.

How Do I Get a Fast Cash Loan with Same Day Cash

If your car is paid off and no older than 10 years, you are eligible to borrow
money against the equity in your car. With a car title loan, you can borrow
up to $40,000 with the help of our quick qualification process. The loan
the application process is simple:

● Fill out the online form or call us on our toll-free number
● Fill out the easy paperwork
● Get a quote
● Receive your cash and drive away with it

Make sure the loan documents and the information you provide about your
vehicle are as accurate as possible. This will help us determine the
maximum amount you can borrow.

Required Documents for Fast Cash Title Loans
When you come to get a loan with Same Day Cash Loan, you must be of
legal age and have a fully owned vehicle no older than 10 years. You are
required to submit certain documents to complete the loan process. The list
is as follows:

1. A Clear title to your lien-free car

2. Valid Canadian driver’s license

3. Your car’s registration and insurance documents in your name

4. Proof of permanent residence

5. Government approved ID

Benefits of Getting Fast Cash Title Loans:

These loans are the fastest and simplest way to get the cash you need
during difficult times. There are various advantages in getting a title loan
with us:

● Get cash on the same day
● Quick loan approval, within a few minutes of filling the application
● Longest loan term in the industry of up to 4 years!
● No penalties on early payments
● No mandatory credit checks
● Keep driving your car while making loan payments.

The Best Way To Get Cash!

Same Day Cash Loans is the best way to get quick cash when you don’t
have many options left. You just need a fully owned vehicle registered in
your name. Our team is available 24/7 to help you solve your financial
difficulty. Contact us (toll-free) 1-855-904-9880 or apply online.

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