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Enjoy This Christmas With A Christmas Loan Against Your Car Title

Get A Specialized Car Equity Loan For Your Financial Troubles
November 13, 2020
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February 5, 2021

Getting a loan to buy Christmas presents for your family might sound a little desperate, but that’s not what our auto equity loan does for you. Our Christmas loan unburdens the monetary load you may have  and allows you to buy presents for your family members without  worry. . Having said that let us explain the whole concept of this loan to you in detail so that you can make a calculated decision. 

A vehicle equity loan is not like a typical loan that you get from a bank or traditional lender. All you have to do is use your fully owned car as collateral and get up to $40,000 against its positive equity. You also don’t have to surrender your car  as collateral. You simply submit the clear title papers of your vehicle and get a quick loan approval. This means that you can continue  to drive your car during  the loan term and of course while you are making the monthly payments for it.  The best part is that the title papers are stored with us only until  the loan is going on. Once you repay the loan completely, we return  the title papers to you. 

How To Apply 

It’s very easy to apply for our low monthly car collateral loan. All you have to do is fill out a basic application form on our website which will ask you for some basic information and car details such as your car year, make and model.. Once you submit all these details, it reaches one of our loan agents who  will contact you with further details. If your vehicle qualifies for the loan, we will set up an appointment with you to have your vehicle inspected.  By inspection we mean a general check up of the overall condition of the vehicle. This is just a formality and nothing will happen against your wish. At any time of the process if you wish to withdraw, you are free to do so. There are no hidden charges and you can get  approval for the loan on the same day as well. Once the inspection process is over, your loan file is evaluated and the funds are released with no delay. 

Requirements For The Title Loan

Contrary to personal loans from banks or other types of loans for that matter, Same Day Cash Loan’s paperwork is limited to just the basic documents which most already have on hand.. We understand how precious time is and don’t believe in wasting your  time with loads of paperwork. We ask for only documents that are required for the loan.. 

Check out the things we need in order to process your loan request. 

  • A fully paid for vehicle that’s not older than 2010(car, model, year)
  • A lien-free title to your vehicle
  • Proof of  legal age as per your province
  • Vehicle registration & insurance papers in your name
  • Spare keys of the vehicle that work on all doors and ignition too
  • Valid Canadian driver’s license
  • Proof of permanent residence

Benefits Of Applying For A Car Title Loan This Christmas

We may find ourselves stuck in a cash crunch around Christmas and that’s completely normal. The solution is a simple and hassle-free Christmas loan that allows you to look after your immediate expenses. Expenses like  last minute gifts, surprise dinner plans, or maybe a much needed vacation, etc.. This no minimum credit loan allows you to apply for a loan even when you have a bad credit score. There are other benefits too, let’s have a look:.

  • No Debt Checks  done from our side. Even if you have a credit score that’s below 574 you can still apply and get  fast approval. *as long as other criteria is met.
  • No proof of income is required  to qualify for a loan. 
  • Get a fast and secure loan experience with your funds being disbursed on the same day of approval. 
  • Get the loan for a comfortable period of 48 months making it easy for you to repay it through small and easy monthly installments. 
  • Keep driving your vehicle even while making the monthly payments. 

This Christmas let’s try to move past the trauma COVID-19 has put us into. Let’s celebrate  with proper precautions and a lot of gifts for our near and dear ones. Call us (toll free) 1-855-904-9880 for more details or apply online. 


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