3 Easy Methods to Finance Car Repairs When Your Credit Score is Not Good

A complicated car repair, such as replacing an engine or transmission, can cost you thousands of dollars. An insurance policy might not be able to repay the cost. Usually, most Canadians prefer to travel using their vehicles. People who have bad credit ratings are often those who can’t have money easily. They face trouble especially when the car gets damaged. Many people experience serious anxiety when their vehicle breaks down. They have to pay for the repairs, along with alternative transportation so that they can go to the usual places they go to.

Before you get depressed, check out these three simple car finance tips. Get your car repaired and keep the monthly income coming without any interruptions.


  1. Personal Loan

Search internet for the personal loan options in your area. If you have a bad credit score, try to find a lender that doesn’t run a Debt Check. Car finance through personal loans is a good option. But before deciding anything, review some important factors. Check the interest rates, payment plans and other details and also check if the lender has the permission to lend in your area.

An online application adds a plus point and makes the process easy. Ask the lender about the loan terms. Choose the one that fits  your loan amount and your capability to pay

  1. Secured Credit Card

Car finance seems impossible if your credit report is not good. Regardless if you have a good or bad credit score or no credit history at all, you can get a good credit card that gives you secure credit. But you have to promise that you’ll maintain a balance in your account. Also, you have to keep a valuable asset as security. You have to pay low APR if you get a secured credit card.

  1. Get the Right Auto Insurance

In most provinces auto insurance is legal. But the point is to get a good, affordable policy that pays a significant part of the expenses of the major repairs.


It’s too late to prepare if your car is already damaged, so you need to be quick and find the best plan you can afford before your car needs repairs.


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